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 John Czelusniak, MBA | MANAGING PARTNER 


John has spent 15+ years as the Chief Marketing Officer of various consulting firms and businesses that serve private clients globally. He has also held other management level positions, to include: Associate Marketing positions and executive level corporate communications positions, where he has held marketing and advertising budgets in the millions. He also continues to serve as an outsourced Strategic Marketing Consultant or CMO for mid to large-cap companies in an array of Industries.


After obtaining his MBA with a specialization in Strategic Marketing, John has decided to focus primarily on becoming the outsourced CMO for companies. John continues to further his education as he is presently pursuing a second Master’s Degree in Professional Accounting at the University of Miami – Coral Gables, FL, and Cybersecurity Mitigation at Harvard. 


Additionally, some of John’s work has been featured in publications as Forbes Magazine, The Miami Herald, The New Times, Speed News (Avionics) and other national and local print and online periodicals. He has also been highlighted with his clients in NBC’s South Florida Today, ESPN HD, The ENT Journal and other national broadcasted syndicates. His portfolio is representative of the medical, medical devices (hearing aids) and dental, avionics, legal, restaurant, racing, fintech, crypto, blockchain, and technology industries. 


John has also been recognized for his marketing prowess in assisting non-profit organizations in raising millions of dollars in funding to benefit children in need. John presently serves on various boards and brings with him a wealth of business proficiency, management, and strategic marketing expertise.

He, his wife and his four children reside in Miami, FL and in Italy, seasonally.

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